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It was a pleasure meeting you and breaking bread with you, Robin and Marina on Tuesday while we were in Las Vegas. Thank you for taking time from your schedule to meet us, hear about the work we are doing in Chicago and even being open to bringing our initiative to the Las Vegas market. We will begin working on a proposal that we think can work for your city. Once it is complete we will email it to you and Robin for input and suggested next steps.

Our visit was made even more exceptional for me after visiting Seven Hills. What an AMAZING store that you have. I absolutely love how you have partnered having a clothing store, tailor shop and dry cleaners together. And what was even more unique was that it felt exclusive and not overwhelming because of the amount of inventory. I absolutely love the way it is designed. You are doing a GREAT work and I look forward to learning more from you to aid in my business endeavors.

Thanks again for your support and for your friendship. We will be in touch soon.

– Jermaine Lawrence Anderson

I’ve used most of the dry cleaners/laundry services in this neighborhood. I’m not a big customer for them, bringing in shirts to launder and slacks to dry clean. But I am fairly consistent. When you’re in a business again and again, you would think people learn who you are. Nope. Not until I started going to Seven Hills. The couple who own the business are friendly and will soon greet you by name.

More importantly, Seven Hills does by far the best job with my shirts. The collars are always crisp and sharp and it is clear that extra care is taken to make sure the entire shirt is right. They come back on time and can be rushed if needed. Excellent work and friendly service are hard to find in LV. But both are alive and well at Seven Hills.

– Randy Wilcox

Talk about a place that values customer service! D, the owner, treats everyone who goes in like family. He goes above and beyond when it comes to tailoring clothes or dry cleaning services. I saw some of the suits he carries, very fine European suits!! I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for high quality and high class customer service!!

– Nancy Ruiz

Seven Hills Clothiers (specifically Dennis, the owner) saved the day for me. I had a new suit that needed several major alterations done at the last-minute over the holidays and he got it done in time. The suit now fits like a glove (it felt like a garbage bag before I dropped it off). This guy has got major style and skills. I hope to get a custom suit made by him during my next visit. Excellent service. Much appreciated. Just be prepared to pay for what you’re getting – this is top notch.

– Michael Oliva

Great People, Great Customer Service, Great Services.

Seven Hills Clothiers are more than adequately equipped to handle all your clothing needs. From daily dry cleaning need, to custom clothing and everything in between, Seven Hills Clothiers can handle your needs.

Paying for a good service is a a good thing.

Patrionizing good people is a good thing.

Paying for a good service from good people is a GREAT thing.

Try them out, you will never be disappointed.

– C. Roger Jeffries III, EdM, CCIM

I came here on the 3rd of May looking for a quick tailoring job that had to be ready on the 5th of May. That deadline was non-negotiable and was not going to change. However, Dennis assured me that he would get my tailor job done on Thursday, no questions asked. I then called the shop the moment it opened on Thursday and it was already done! Dennis clearly puts his customer’s needs first and does his very best to meet even the toughest deadlines and jobs.

These guys clearly go above and beyond and the tailoring itself was freaking magnificent! Fit like a glove.

Highly recommend this place. I’ll be back here.

– Oscar Sanjuan