Dry Cleaning



You’ve got an assortment of big wigs, whales, and other big fish all trying to make a big splash coming through a revolving door to enjoy themselves on a regular basis. As such it’s important for them and for you to look your absolute best at a moment’s notice.

Nothing ruins that good impression you’re trying to make quite as well as a wrinkled suit or dress. There’s no better way to prevent this sort of embarrassing mishap than procuring a premium laundry service for all of you dry cleaning, couture wet cleaning, and various apparel adjustment needs.

You’ll experience new heights of confidence when you put on a meticulously cleaned and pressed suit from our expertly experienced dry cleaning service professionals.

The feeling of a finely fitting and laboriously cleaned suit or dress is hard to beat, and we pride ourselves on doing everything possible to make that sentiment an everyday occurrence for our customers. That means excellent as well as comprehensive service. You can expect all of the standard amenities plus special additional complimentary services computerized billing and tracking.

We here at 7 Hills Dry Cleaners take immense pride in providing the quickest, most convenient, and highest quality premium laundry service in the greater Las Vegas area. No one does it better, and there’s no one you’d rather deal with for all of your dry cleaning needs. 

Dry cleaning services are readily available almost everywhere. Unfortunately, the quality of many such services is questionable at best. Do you really want to entrust a Prada handbag to a five and dime store? 7 Hills offers many specialty services for this and many more extraordinary items. Not to mention our highly affable and inviting atmosphere!


We offer every imaginable laundry amenity, including:

  • Purse Cleaning
  • Valance and Designer Drapery Cleaning
  • Re-knitting Damaged Knits
  • St. John’s Alterations Accomplished to the Original Finish
  • Bed and Table Linens Processed to “French Laundry” Standards
  • Sheet Laundry
  • Alteration Service
  • Wedding Gown Preservation
  • Shoe/Handbag Care and Repair
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Suede Cleaning
  • And much much more!

Superior Full-Service Dry Cleaning Allow us to introduce you to our premium laundry service.

These and many more specialty services are available exclusively at 7 Hills Cleaners.